What’s new about Microsoft word?

There is a new update in Microsoft word. This new feature has brought Microsoft word to the forefront from the back. The new feature allows users to (@mentions) tag people in their shared documents. The new feature will also allow users to assign, track and create tasks linked with the document.

With the help of this feature, users will be able to make changes or edit the document at the same time. This will make users work in collaboration online. Google workspace has been part of same features where users can tag, assign, create, and edit work in shared documents.

The idea is to make Microsoft Word more interactive and engaging for users. Microsoft has announced to introduce a new feature for its one-drive cloud storage which will even more easy to review and share files online. This means that users need to click one button to share documents with others to review and edit documents.

The feature will also allow users to easily change their roles from a reviewer, editor to viewer. When users open Microsoft word files, they will see an edit button which will have three options editing, reviewing, and Viewing. The file will be in editing mode by default and will allow users to make changes to the document. If users change the document to reviewing then it will allow users to add comments, suggestions, and alterations to the document. When users will select the viewing option, they will be able to look over the document without making any changes to the document.